Grah Safe and Lock

Find A Licensed San Diego Locksmith For Peace of Mind

Because quality and service count, Grah believes you have the right to be treated fairly
no matter who you choose for your security needs.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Locksmith:

  • There are many uninsured "contractors" out there.
  • To protect yourself, ask to see their state issued license they are required to carry on their person.
  • Be sure to ask for proof of insurance by asking that a "certificate of insurance" be sent to you directly from their insurance company.

Grah Safe & Lock, Inc operates in a professional and business like-manner so you are protected. You get better results and we will be around to back up our work!

Our Licenses

  • California State Contractors License: #872260
  • California Locksmith License: #LCO 4011

Our Insurance

  • General Liability: Employer's Fire Insurance 1436519
  • General Liability, Trucks, Jobsite: Employer's Fire Insurance 1436519
  • Workers Compensation: State Fund 716-225

Professional Associations

  • The Executives' Association of San Diego, BOMA, BBB, ASIS, ALOA, SAVTA

Tips for Saving Money

  • If you can, bring it into our shop.

When you bring it to us, you save on trip charges. Trip charges are the charges we charge to help cover the cost of fuel, drive time, auto wear and tear, and insurance. We are located at 939 University Ave. San Diego, CA 92103. We are off the I-163, on the corner of 10th and University.

  • Do you plan to give employees keys?

Employee theft accounts for over 30% of all business losses. If you plan to give your employees keys, switch to a high security keys that can not be copied without your permission. The initial expense is a small price to pay for the long term security protection, and it could save you thousands of dollars in theft and damage losses. You can also switch to an Access Control System. Access control systems have become much more user friendly and affordable. They no longer need to be hard wired to your building and anytime an employee leaves, their access privileges can be deactivated. Contact us for more information.